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Maner of Charleston S.C. 

Learn more about our fence company in Georgia/CSRA. Maner Hardware & Supply Company was founded in February 1951 by W.A. Maner and three associates. They purchased Jernigan Hardware Co. on Broad Street in Augusta, GA, adding gypsum drywall and other building materials to the inventory. As the business grew and the area prospered with the development of Aiken County, S.C. & Columbia City, G.A., Maner purchased a site on Wrightsboro Rd in Augusta in 1955 and opened it as Maner Builders Supply Co. In 1961, a new investor joined W.A. Maner Jr. The business continued to prosper with growth from the Augusta area. In 1969, Bob McCrary and David Maner entered the business. McCrary purchased the former investors interest and David Maner began purchasing his father’s interest.

In June 1970, the company purchased Slusky Builder Supply from the estate of Moses Slusky. This business was located on Broad Street in Augusta, GA and specialized in commercial building products and chain link fence. Shortly afterwards, a new location was secured at 3717 Washington Road in Martinez, GA. The company purchased 10+ acres of farmland with access to a railroad siding and to Washington Road. The company consolidated the two existing Augusta locations in 1973 into a warehouse and retail store on this new land. This new location allowed Maner Builders Supply Company to expand its inventory and sales. Maner added lumber, other building materials, and grew its commercial and chain link fence divisions with more sales and installation projects.

A Gypsum Drywall sales and delivery location was established in 1985 on the existing property. In 1986, Maner began to sell and distribute concrete block and accessories in an arrangement with Williams Brothers of Atlanta, GA. And after the Hurricane Hugo shock of 1989, Maner Builders Supply sent installers to the ravaged areas in an around Charleston, SC to do repair work. This effort would eventually lead to the establishment of a business in this area in 1990.

In 1994, Maner opened a complete Gypsum and Masonry Distribution Center approximately one block West of the main Augusta facility to better serve this important segment of its business. In 1998, Maner Builders Supply opened a warehouse and retail store in North Charleston, SC to serve the Fence and Commercial contractors in the area.

In 1998, after 29 years of operating the company, Bob McCrary and David Maner sold the company to five senior managers: Jerry Bigham, Jim Broome, Bert Harbin, Rob McCrary and William Wren.